IRTrackStar RS Ultralight
IRTrackStar RS Ultralight
IRTrackStar RS Ultralight
IRTrackStar RS Ultralight
IRTrackStar RS Ultralight

IRTrackStar RS Ultralight

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Welcome the newest model to the head tracking lineup, the IRTrackStar RS Ultralight. Weighing just 3.1oz, it is the lightest IRTrackStar yet, and only sacrifices 100mAh of battery life at 1500mAh as compared to the original v3's 1600mAh. This battery has the same 1000 charge cycle rating and you can expect very similar runtimes, 9-10hrs+. With it's new design, the switch and USB C charging port (cable not included) are now located on the rear of the unit for easy charging while in use.

Checkout what the Grim Reapers have to say about the RS Ultralight!

The IRTrackStar is a wireless infrared head tracker for use with head tracking cameras and software. (Ex. TrackIR and Opentrack) This is the perfect addition to your Sim setup, providing excellent head tracking that far exceeds the major brands (brand, not plural) ...The IRTrackStar provides improved tracking and reliability, as well as being wireless. The mounting arm is short enough not to cantilever the weight, but also keep the leds out of your line of site, and away from the mic boom.

The unit contains 3 Ultra Bright IR LED's arranged to function with all major IR tracking brands. (Infrared cam and tracking software is required, see more about this below) The IRTrackStar is larger than the TrackIR Pro Clip to increase range and accuracy. It is 6.5" from front to rear. A 1500mAh Li-Ion built-in rechargeable battery is used for power. It requires a USB C charging cable (not included).


****Notes and Instructions****

*Operation: Switch up is on, down is off. ( the head tracker mounts on the left side of your headset, and the longest led arm should be on bottom )

*Charging cable is required - Must use a USB C to USB A cable, with a USB A wall adapter rated at 5v 1A (1000mAh) Using a charger with any other voltage and/or amperage rating will cause damage to the charging board. I will no longer replace units damaged by improper chargers. Please check the specs of your charging adapter before plugging it in. This is important. If you're unsure please contact me and I'll help you determine your chargers specs. 

*The 3 leds are Infrared. You can't see them light up unless you're looking at them through an IR camera.

*Velcro strap is included for attaching to your gaming headset. The mounting arm is designed with a foam pad to equalize the pressure against your headset. Press the mount arm against the headphones band firmly to compress the foam as much as possible, then cinch the velcro tight and there shouldn't be any wobble at all, even with fast head movements. This design provides a firm mount against most headsets, however some customization may be required. The Astros is one model of headphones that is not compatible without customization.

*Led colors: Blue is charged (some boards I use have green for the charged color, I don't know why, every package says green for charged, most boards are blue), Red is displayed during charging. A blue runtime light is now included which will display through the gills on the lower portion of the body.

For Opentrack systems, adjust Gain, Threshold and Point Extraction min/max to dial in. Also, the dimension of spacing to enter in model settings is as follows. Top led to middle led: 23mm back and 43mm down. Middle led to bottom led: 62mm down and 74mm forward. Central led lateral offset is 15mm, however there isn't a place to input this measurement. It doesn't effect tracking not to have it entered though.

TrackIR is mostly plug and play, but don't forget to select TrackClipPro on the main page. Also, depending on your distance from the IR Camera, you may need to reduce the Light Filter Threshold to get the most out of the IRTrackStars range. You can find this on the main page under Advanced Settings, Camera tab, Light Filter Threshold. The leds are very bright so only adjust as needed.

If you need help dialing in your settings, I can provide assistance through my Discord channel to help get you setup. My ID is Hollywood83#4306

All units are tested before being shipped out to ensure they're operational and tracking properly. Batteries are not fully charged when shipped for safety reasons.

Here is an excellent article on setting up Opentrack software, as well as a general overview of head tracking for those that are new to it.

Quick HeadTracking Guide

**This head tracker also requires a camera with an IR pass lens in order to function. That is not included. I recommend a cam with 60 to 120 fps. Also required is the tracking software, which I recommend Opentrack. (Freetrack is also an option, but I haven't had a lot of luck with it) TrackIR camera and software is fully supported as well, and provides a significant increase in tracking performance over the pro clip.

Headset weighs ~3.1oz
Tracking range: up to 1.5m, longer ranges reduce accuracy due to the spread of the leds appearing smaller to the camera. 1m is the ideal distance for most cam setups. Shorter distances may induce a skewing effect when looking to the right, so be mindful of camera placement on your setup. If longer ranges are needs, consider getting a zoom lens for your cam. Leds are bright enough to function from a fairly decent distance. Likely 5m+. But a zoom lens will be required due to far away objects appearing smaller to the cam if it doesn't have zoom lens. Smaller spread means they overlap and lose tracking. The IRTrackStar's size provides it a slightly increased range without a zoom lens.

*Returns/exchanges are accepted. Please inspect and try out your tracker as soon as it arrives to ensure everything is functioning properly. Contact me if there is a problem and I'll help you get it squared away.

*Li-Ion battery warning: Li-Ion batteries have rare cases of exploding when over charged or over heated. My headsets use UL Certified batteries that have their own protection circuits, as well as a protection circuit between the battery and charging cable for extra protection. It is normal for the end cap to feel warm to the touch during and shortly after charging, it doesn't indicate a problem. However, if the headset feels hot to the touch for more than a few minutes after charging, is damaged due to a heavy impact, or damaged by excessive heat such as a hot car or fire, please stop using the headset and discard the headset at your local battery disposal drop off.

California Proposition 65 Warning: This product may contain chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.... I honestly don't know if it does but the headset contains PLA filament, Li-Ion battery, charging board, capacitor, resistor, IR LED's, and a power switch. Don't let kids eat it. Don't let adults eat it. Use as intended. Don't be dumb.

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Overall fills my need

Very light, works like a charm. In terms of usage, I'm very happy. While it could be complicated to integrate, I would have appreciate an auto-off feature. From time to time I forget to switch it off and the next day I find the battery empty. Also, I worry about the battery replacement as I see no easy way to do it.

The best headtracking on the market

The best headtracking on the market. Extremely precise, light, the battery lasts as promised, so far the sensations are very good. Without a doubt a very good product

Philip Ayers
Awesome product

I bought this to get rid of the annoying wire that connects to the pro clip. This device is plug and play easy and gets the job done. Bye bye wire!

Martin Marconcini Rodriguez
Best way to continue using your TrackIR

I've had TrackIR for many years. This is the best solution to make it bearable without being tied to super thin cables and cheap plastic (like the pro clip).

Totally recommended. The only thing to be aware is that you need a 5v 1A charger. Old iPhone or Android chargers were always like that. And no, you can't and shouldn't use a different rated one. The seller explained this to me in great detail and there are valid reasons for this restriction. You don't want a hot lithium battery next to your head. :)

Super recommended if you prefer tracking instead of VR and already have TrackIR but want to get rid of the cables or your probably semi-broken by now clip pro.

Scott M
IRTrackStar RS Ultralight

As good if not better than any other emitter like it on the market. Blows the TrackClip Pro out of the water in terms of quality and usability.